Dethklok founder and 'Metalocalypse' creator Brendon Small has launched another creative outlet for his music and audiences will get their first live taste of Galaktikon this weekend when they take the stage at the Wesfest 8 benefit show.

The rather large band will headline the event, which is taking place at The Roxy in Hollywood, Calif., on Sunday night (March 3). The outfit contains four guitarists, including former Musicians Institute Guitar Program director Jude Gold, Mike Keneally, Rick Musallam and Small himself. In addition, the group features keyboardist Walter Ino, bassist Bryan Beller, drummer Tim Yeung and vocalists Ben Thomas, Kira Small, Ali Handal and Jude Crossen, giving the band plenty of flexibility.

The group is promoting its self-titled release, which Small described as "a high stakes intergalactic extreme rock album." He added, "I'm excited to get this album up on its feet in a live scenario with some of the best musicians on the planet." The disc is available for order here.

Wesfest 8 is a benefit show designed to raise funds for the Wes Wehmiller Endowed Scholarship at the Berklee College of Music. The projected goal for 2013 was to add $25,000 to the scholarship and earlier this week over $19,000 had already been raised.

Wehmiller was a Berklee graduate who died of thyroid cancer in 2005. His family and friends established the fund as a way to keep his legacy alive and to help other aspiring musicians in pursuing their musical path. In total, the Wesfest concert series has raised over $150,000 over the past seven years.

In addition to Galaktikon, the evening will feature performances by Derek Frank, Joe Travers and Friends, Janet Robin, Ali Handal, Colin Keenan and Danny Mo and the Exciters featuring 2012's Wehmiller scholarship winner Jed Lingat. Concert attendees will also have a chance to win an Epiphone "Thunderhorse" Explorer Guitar or a Gallien-Krueger MB 500 Lightweight Bass Amp just by purchasing tickets. For contest details, click here.

For further details on tickets or to make a donation, click here.