Many may know Brian ‘Head’ Welch as the former guitarist of Korn, but he is a writer, a devout Christian, a dedicated father and he has a band of his own where he is not only shredding it up on the guitar but he’s front and center as the vocalist, as well.

Welch and his band have released a new song titled ‘Paralyzed’ off of his upcoming EP due out in the spring. He recently finished a trek with RED, and next up he will be speaking at various churches in December and January.

Loudwire got the opportunity to pick Welch’s brain about his new music, his relationship with the guys of Korn, his hair and his teenage daughter (pictured with Welch above), among other interesting topics.

Congrats on your latest single ‘Paralyzed.’ Tell me a little about the song and what influenced it.

I got together with the producer Jason Rauch and he came to me with some drum beats and stuff like that he was like, "I want to hear some riffs from you." He started the idea and we just wrote together and it came out, we were working on two songs and that one finished first so we released that first. I probably released it a little early but I just wanted to get it out there to say hey this is what we’re doing now, it’s not like the first record, this is the direction we’re going so I think it was a good move. The first solo thing was more experimental so this is just like mainstream, back in your face type deal.

When can fans expect the new EP?

In the spring.

Do you know of any tour plans after the tour with RED?

We were talking about going to Europe and possible doing the Hard Drive Radio Tour next year so that’s just kind of all talk right now, and then South America in April, so yeah all over the place. We’re ready for anything.

You’ve toured with bands like RED, Icon For Hire, etc.; how would you describe your relationship with these guys?

It’s growing, it’s pretty good I rode with RED on their bus last year so we’re pretty tight and Icon for Hire; they’re awesome, every band on the tour, everyone’s connected.

You’ve released three books so far, is another one in the works?

No, just concentrating on music now.

Can you talk about the dichotomy between playing hard rock with faith based lyrics.

I’m to the point where we’re all people; I believe in Jesus; I pray to Jesus but I’m still a person that struggles and sometimes there’s not a whole lot of difference, you know [Korn frontman] Jonathan [Davis] sings about pain a lot I sing about pain a lot it’s just I went through a lot and I’m going through a lot and I just want to have a voice to share that stuff. It doesn’t have to be separate, it doesn’t have to be weird, being a Christian I think it was weird like a couple decades ago but now it’s just like we’re all people.

A lot of people know you from Korn; how was it like for you to go from being the guitarist in a band to the frontman of your own outfit?

Oh I’m still transitioning, I just hid behind my hair before and now I gotta be in the front, but it’s cool and I’m getting better at it and more comfortable.

Do you think you’ll ever get rid of the dreads?

Maybe; if I do I’ll shave it, I use to have a shaved head back in the day, do the Eminem bleached head. I would look different. I’d look weird, huh?

Yeah, I like the dreads. What made you decide to go with dreads in the first place?

I decided because of laziness, I didn’t want to have to do anything to my hair anymore, that was it, that was the main reason. I’m a lazy guy, you just get up and go. With my old hair-do with the pig tails or whatever I had on there, I would have to do stuff every week and it sucked.

How is your relationship with the Korn guys currently?

It’s a great time to ask that question; they came to a show last month and it was the first time I saw Jonathan in six years, hugged him and we hung out. I went to his house, went to the Korn studio and then Fieldy came two days later so I saw him.

Is there anyone that you would want to collaborate with?

Tom DeLonge of Blink-182; no I don’t think that would work. Maybe that guy Aaron Gillespie (formerly of Underoath) but with dark music, I don’t like his pop stuff really but just collaborating on some darker stuff would be awesome. I haven’t really tried to collab, I may be collabing with Clint [Lowery] from Sevendust; he’s friends with the producer Jason and so we’re talking about getting him on something so we’ll see what happens. He’s really talented.

With all of the touring, you’ve done, what is the one thing (in this case one person) you must bring on tour with you? No electronics.

My daughter, she’s thirteen.

Is she completely rebellious against the heavy music or does she love it?

She likes it; her favorite band is Blink-182 … and Tom [DeLonge].

Would you support her being a musician?

I try to tell her, I don’t know if you want to do this, it’s lots of traveling and stuff like that but she wants to do it. She wants to play drums and sing, guitar everything but we have to get rid of this addiction to iPhones and computers and Facebook because it’s steals people’s lives, because she needs to practice.

Watch the Brian 'Head' Welch 'Paralyzed' Video