Earlier this year, Bring Me the Horizon frontman Oli Sykes adopted a dog from an animal rescue facility. Now he's asking fans for their assistance in helping to save the facility, which is currently in danger of being shut down.

Sykes adopted the dog, which he named Luna, from the Santorini Animal Welfare Association while the band was spending in time in Santorini recording their That's the Spirit album. Check out his posting on the adoption of Luna here.

According to the vocalist, the shelter is under attack from the President of Katerados and the organization was accused of being an illegal activity. The Mayor of Santorini has reportedly decided to close down the shelter as well. Sykes full plea can be read below.

PLZ HELP! Woke up to some awful news about the incredible rescue facility we got Luna from. PLEASE READ the below. We desperately need your help. Earlier this year we all spent some time in Santorini where BMTH recorded That’s the Spirit. While there we stumbled across SAWA (Santorini Animal Welfare Association). Which is a shelter for abandoned dogs and rescued donkeys and horses. The shelter is amazing and they do so much for Santorinis dog population. They even go as far as rehoming dogs to Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the UK.

Obviously we all want this organization to continue its very important work on the island. 
However at this right moment the shelter is under attack (again!) from the President of Katerados. SAWA was even summoned to court accused of being an illegal activity. And now the Mayor of Santorini has decided to close down the shelter all together because they don’t give a single fuck about the lives of animals and feel that SAWA is a ”sore sight” for Santorini. Even though it’s on a very remote location and really difficult to get to. You wouldn’t know it was there unless you were looking for it.

There are 38 dogs on site who have been adopted already and are awaiting to fly to their new homes in Europe, and these dogs are now being forced onto the streets again. This CANNOT and WILL NOT continue! They are literally tearing down their facilities as I write this so

PLEASE everyone, help us out and write to dimarxos@1353.syzefxis.gov.gr and protest. You can also call at 0039 697 2336622 and get your voice heard to the mayor about this.

And PLEASE share this, tell your friends, write to bigger animal organizations, write to papers/news channels and to celebrities who also fight for animal rights.

Post from SAWA themselves: https://www.facebook.com/SantoriniAnimalWelfareOrganizationSawa/photos/a.213603592080066.47405.213600882080337/871048143002271/?type=3

Sykes' love of animals should come as little surprise. He's one of several members to have shared their interest in a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. He's also recorded a PSA for Peta2 and spoken out for Peta with some of his bandmates.

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