Bring Me the Horizon singer Oli Sykes goes to bat for the anti-fascist movement colloquially known as antifa and conservationist groups such as Extinction Rebellion in a new mini-documentary exploring the creation of the band's latest release, Post Human: Survival Horror.

The musician broaches the topic while addressing the thematic thrust behind the song "Kingslayer," a Survival Horror track that features kawaii metal icons Babymetal. And while Sykes is a citizen of the U.K., he undoubtedly had some U.S.-related issues on his mind when he penned the lyrics for the cut.

Watch the full 13-minute Bring Me the Horizon mini-doc down toward the bottom of this post. The section in question, with Sykes discussing the meaning of "Kingslayer," begins at around the 7 minute and 40 second mark.

"'Kingslayer' is like, even though [the title is] just taken from Call of Duty, it was just a word I applied to a meaning," Sykes explains. "And that meaning is to be someone who does what's right even if it's illegal in the eyes of the law, or even if it's not socially acceptable. If you know it's right and you do it, no matter what, it's like you're a king slayer."

He continues, "I think in a time where Donald Trump is trying to deem antifa terrorists, [it] makes him openly admit that he's a fascist by saying that anti-fascist groups are terrorists. Things like Extinction Rebellion being classed as a terrorist organization, these are people that are trying to save the world, and they're deemed as terrorist."

The remainder of the mini-doc goes into the meanings behind the other songs on Survival Horror, and the film includes related conversations with Sykes' Bring Me the Horizon bandmates. But it's the frontman's words regarding "Kingslayer" that stick out as some of the most urgent.

Sykes adds, "If you know something's wrong and you're brave enough to step aside and go, 'I'm not into this, I won't stand for it and I won't take it.' Even if it's what everyone else is saying's right, that's what a 'Kingslayer' is."

Bring Me The Horizon, Post Human: Survival Horror Mini-Documentary

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