It seems unlikely that the members of Sheffield, England's Bring Me The Horizon are interested in starting some Jim Jones-style cult for their multitude of fans. But recent band activity revolving around some sort of cult could be a sign that the group is preparing to make a major announcement and, maybe, release the follow-up to 2015's That's The Spirit.

Earlier today (Aug. 10) A billboard was posted in central London that contains the text, "Do you wanna start a cult with me?" along with a phone number to call. Closer examination reveals that the symbols at the top corners of the billboard have previously been used to market the band.

Those brave enough to call the number are greeted with some creepy audio. "Welcome to Mantra. Daniel speaking. Could I take your earth name please?" After a brief pause, Daniel continues: "Your journey with Mantra begins now and I'm pleased to be able to share the begin of your enlightenment. with..."

The message is followed by shouting and "Daniel" asking, "What? What?" before more shouting and possible gunshots are accompanied by ear-grating static and distorted music, which may be a new song by Bring Me The Horizon. The clip ends with a long beep and then a dial tone.

Those determined to investigate further can open the website, which reveals that we may all be saved and teases that something big is coming. "But these things too have answers," reads the message. "And all we can tell you now is that you can be free. But first, we must piss you off. Salvation will return. 21 August 2018."

Either Bring Me the Horizon fans have stumbled onto something sinister or it's all an elaborate setup for something new from the band. There are eleven days to prepare for "Salvation."

Listen to the strange phone message below:

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