Oh, the generation gap. What's a grandmother to do when she wants to relate to her grandson on a closer level? Hang out with his favorite band, of course. As part of an episode of the British variety show Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, a grandmother named Barb surprised her family, who felt they knew her daily routine down to the letter. Turns out Nana Barb had a few secrets she kept to herself.

During the episode, Nana Barb showed herself to be quite active, participating in a number of activities to the delight and shock of her family. And one of those activities was visiting her grandson's favorite band, Bring Me the Horizon, and getting a few tips from the band. As seen in the video above, Nana Barb swings by the venue the band is getting ready to play, is greeted warmly by security and proudly shows her laminate before entering the band's dressing room.

"I've got to be honest, the first time I heard your songs, it wasn't my cup of tea," reveals Nana Barb, who then offers a lovely melodic rendition of a song she likes at the request of the guys. But Barb is open minded and asks Oli Sykes to teach her his vocal technique. Before long, she's delivering a guttural vocal with the best of them, though she does get a bit choked up. During her time with the band, she also gets to strum a bit on guitar and takes a selfie with the group. Watch it all play out in the video above.

According to the Mirror, this was just the beginning of Barb's day out. She also secretly became an Internet sensation with YouTube stars Deyes and Marcus Butler, joined X Factor star Fleur East onstage for a live performance of Play That Sax and performed a dance routine with back flips, all to the surprise of her family.

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