Bring Me the Horizon have some big plans for 2020. They released the song "Parasite Eve" in June, and announced that their follow-up to 2019's amo would actually be a series of four albums titled Post Human. Now, they've dropped a track called "Obey," which features Yungblud.

"For this record, we were looking for people that would... the record in whole is gonna have a harder edge and it's gonna be a lot more rock and aggressive than our last record," BMTH frontman Oli Sykes told Loudwire Nights about the decision to recruit Yungblud for the song.

"It was just exciting to get to work with someone who's not only a fan of us and would connect on that level, but we're honored to be honest," he continued. "We're aware that he's like super fast-rising and we're lucky to be working with him. It's just cool all around."

Listen to "Obey" below.

Bring Me the Horizon revealed that they had made the decision to release several records last November. The coronavirus pandemic inevitably forced them to find new ways to work together on the music, but it still hasn't changed their plans. Each of the four releases are going to have their own tone and sound, according to Sykes.

Bring Me the Horizon + Yungblud - "Obey"

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