You know emo is truly making a comeback when Build-A-Bear, the plush toy company that allows you to customize and accessorize your own stuffed animal, celebrates Halloween with an emo-looking Axolotl (a species of salamander) Instagram post.

The Build-A-Bear social media team regularly has some fun with Axolotl, crafting clever holiday and seasonal posts based around the little critter's adorable, smiling face and miniature stature.

The latest shenanigans gave a nod to emo as Axolotl sports black side-swept hair that drapes over one eye. Even though that signature smile remains, projecting an aura of happiness, we're sure this toy is dead on the inside.

Playing off the "it's not a phase" mantra that pervades the emo scene, the post jokes, "It's not a costume... it's a lifestyle," accompanied by three black hearts. We told you this toy was dead inside!

Build-A-Bear also invites others to share their ideas for the next "Axolotl edit," which sort of bums us out because that means this is just some nifty photo manipulation and there's no emo accessory that can be purchased.

Now we're dead on the side too.

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At the start of the Halloween season, Build-A-Bear made a humorous Axolotl post about light mode and dark mode, using the handy phone feature to flip Axolotl from a pastel-emblazoned creature to a spidery creature of the night.

Hats off to whoever runs the Build-A-Bear Instagram page. Thanks for putting a temporary smiles on the faces of emos everywhere!

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