Bullet for My Valentine are back at it this week, bringing you the second installment of their 'Temper Temper' album preview. This time around, Loudwire's exclusive video preview gives fans a sneak peek in the studio where they can check out some off the riffs the guys laid down for the forthcoming disc.

This is the second of a four-part video preview from the band. Last week the group offered a look at the solos from their 'Temper Temper' album and in the coming weeks viewers will get to check out the screams and choruses from the upcoming disc.

In addition to some master riffage and some great drum licks, the latest clip gives fans a quick-cutting look at the studio where the band recorded their 'Temper Temper' album as well. The full-length record arrives on Feb. 12 and fans can currently pre-order it on iTunes.

Bullet for My Valentine will unleash more of the 'Temper Temper' album on tour this spring when they headline the 'HardDrive Live' trek, also featuring along Halestorm, the Young Guns and Stars in Stereo.

Watch Bullet for My Valentine's 'Temper Temper' Riffs Video [Exclusive]