How much does metal get your heart racing? While most of us aren't exactly sure, actress Margot Robbie found out when she got a surprise during BBC Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw's morning show. As part of a bit, the host has his interview subjects hooked up to a heart monitor while attempting to provide a few surprises that may get the heart a pumping a little bit faster, and while actor friends like Alexander Skarsgard and Cara Delevingne did bring up some tidbits that helped pump things up, Robbie's heart soared thanks to a surprise from Bullet for My Valentine.

Robbie has been on record as being a metal fan, mentioning it in past interviews and reiterating her love for acts like Slipknot, Metallica, Bullet for My Valentine and Thrice in her younger days. Grimshaw then has Robbie look at a monitor, where Bullet for My Valentine are performing in front of a crowd in Saskatoon, Canada. "What?!," says a surprised Robbie watching the monitor as Matt Tuck starts to introduce a song to the crowd. At this point her heart rate is at 116 beats per minute.

Tuck tells the crowd that the song is dedicated to a "very special, very beautiful young woman," to which Robbie responds with a befuddled "No!," as her heart rate jumps to 118 beats per minute. As Tuck continues to list off some of her credits, Robbie's mouth goes wide with surprise, jumping to 123 beats per minute. "You are fucking kidding me," says the actress to the radio host. At the point where Tuck makes the dedication of "Tears Don't Fall" to her, Robbie's heart rate climbs to 134 beats per minute, the max during the whole radio bit.

But the dose of metal surprise didn't stop there, as Grimshaw gave her some snacks and seemingly finished the segment when he pulled out one last surprise --  a message from Slipknot's Corey Taylor. “I heard you came to see Slipknot a long time ago and I just wanted to thank you and say how chuffed I am about your success. It’s really, really massive. If you ever want to come to another Slipknot show, just let us know – hopefully it’s as crazy as you remember it," said the vocalist.

Continuing her surprise at how the segment was playing out, Robbie said "yes" almost immediately after the invite left Corey Taylor's mouth. To watch the music portion of the segment, start around 5:57 in the video above.

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