You may need some extra padding for this one! Burn are unleashing their new song "Ill Together" and you can just feel the limbs flying through this high energy track that's debuting exclusively here at Loudwire.

Drummer Abbas Muhammad sets the tone for the song, often complemented by the hard chugging guitars of Gavin Van Vlack and bassist Tyler Krupsky. And giving a voice to this frenetic yet forceful rocker is frontman Chaka Malik. The band started pushing the boundaries of hardcore way back in 1990 before eventually going their separate ways. But feeling there was more left to be said, the band reactivated in 2015 and will be releasing the new album Do or Die on Sept. 8.

"The construction of new material for recording can be scary and wondrous all at the same time. As you are assembling the songs and ideas your subconscious will kind of bully up on you and say things like, 'What are you writing? No one will understand this, no one will hear what you are trying to put across. Why bother?,'" says Van Vlack. "That's why you need to write with your heart and make the decisions from there. When we got back together, Chaka and I insisted that if we were going to do this we would need to write new material to ‘keep it honest' in our own minds."

The band worked closely with engineer Kurt Ballou of Converge fame at God City Studios and had Howie Weinberg master the effort. "Ill Together" is a perfect intro into the new music as the 10-track Do or Die collection is filled with hooks, grooves, infectious melody and raw emotion. You can pre-order the album at this location. Stay up to date with the band's touring here.


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Burn, Do or Die

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