Chevelle are giving fans yet another reason to be excited about their new album. The next step leading up to the release of the 'La Gargola' album is the band unveiling the artwork and track listing for their new disc.

The album art (seen at left) features a darkened figure against a reddish backdrop with the primary focus on the buttoned up coat and a beak-like mask worn by plague doctors in olden times. How does this artwork factor into the new disc? We'll have to hear the music to see how it all plays out.

As for the music, fans can look for 10 new tracks appearing on 'La Gargola.' The disc, due April 1, features the lead single 'Take Out the Gunman,' which is already rapidly rising up the airplay charts.

Other song titles that appear to fit with the sinister-looking artwork include 'Jawbreaker,' 'Hunter Eats Hunter,' 'Choking Game,' 'The Damned,' 'Under the Knife' and 'Twinge.'

Drummer Sam Loeffler recently told 'Loudwire Reloaded,' "At the end of the day I think we sound like our band without trying to sound like somebody else, and that's important. But at the same time you hope your music evolves. To me, it does evolve, but it's still melodic hard rock music which is what inspires us to want to write."

Fans can check out Chevelle on tour this spring. Dates can be found at this location. Those wishing to pre-order the 'La Gargola' album can do so here.

Chevelle, 'La Gargola' Track Listing:

1. 'Ouija Board'
2. 'An Island'
3. 'Take Out the Gunman'
4. 'Jawbreaker'
5. 'Hunter Eats Hunter'
6. 'One Ocean'
7. 'Choking Game'
8. 'The Damned'
9. 'Under the Knife'
10. 'Twinge'

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