Soundgarden's 2014 includes plenty of touring, but at some point the band will make the decision to move on to a new record and when that happens, Chris Cornell feels comfortable that it will move pretty swiftly.

During a recent interview with Los Angeles radio station 106.7 KROQ hosts Kevin & Bean (as seen above), Cornell says he expects that the new album will come about organically. He explained, “I think at this point it’s one of those things that’s just going to start to naturally happen. It’s a little bit of a cycle now, because we’re doing promotional tours. We haven’t been in a studio writing, but because everyone brings song ideas in, it goes from 0 to 60 really fast. All of a sudden everyone will have 2 things, and that’s 8 songs you have to work on, and already you’re well into making an album, and that could happen tomorrow.”

The band released the 'King Animal' album in 2012 after a lengthy split, but Cornell is confident that they're back in the groove of recording a disc together. He adds, "We’ve made a lot of albums, how do you make the next one, and what is your reason for making it? You’ve got to do something else. We’ve always got to reach. But having said that, we always naturally do that anyways.”

To check out more of the interview, which includes talk of their summer tour and the band's long term longevity, watch the full KROQ video above or check out written excerpts from the piece at this location.