Former Slipknot percussionist / backup vocalist Chris Fehn has encouraged fans not to hate on the man who replaced him. Following his return to social media after a six-month hiatus, Fehn responded to a fan’s comment in defense of Tortilla Man.

Fehn’s split from Slipknot has been a messy one, with a lawsuit being filed after the musician questioned the legitimacy of the band’s accounting practices. The percussionist claimed the principal owners of Slipknot, Corey Taylor and Shawn Crahan, allegedly "breached their fiduciary duties" to him in a multitude of ways, "enriching themselves out of proportion to the efforts and undivided interests of the other general partners, including those of Fehn" and "failing to provide information on the operation of the partnership consistent with the duties owed between partners."

Corey Taylor has publicly denied these allegations.

These days, Fehn seems most focused on being a father, and while responding to fans on Instagram, he defended Tortilla Man against an angry fan:

Instagram: Chris Fehn

Fehn also thanked a fan for suggesting others stop bombarding him with Slipknot comments:

Instagram: Chris Fehn

Slipknot have one U.S. tour date left in 2019 before they head to South American in November. Click here for the band's full list of dates.

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