Chris Jericho just completed what many wrestling fans consider to be his greatest run in the WWE. With the Y2J bug at its most infectious, Fozzy fandom has also spiked drastically with the release of “Judas.” We invited Jericho to visit our studio so he could talk about Fozzy’s newest hit, along with the band’s upcoming Judas album and Chris’ plans for the future.

In just four weeks, “Judas” has accumulated over four million views on YouTube, quickly making the song Fozzy’s most popular track by far. “I think it’s the perfect storm of a great song, a really cool video and a lot of good will towards our band,” Jericho says. “There’s a lot of people who say, ‘We’ve never listened to Fozzy, we never really paid any attention, we thought we’d give it a try and holy s—t, it’s great!’”

As for Fozzy’s Judas album, which is tentatively slated for a September release, Jericho says it’s the most powerful album Fozzy has ever put together. “It’s also the most lean and stripped down,” adds Jericho. “If this was 1988, where there’s an album like Hysteria or Appetite for Destruction — that has four, five, six singles — this record has the potential for that. There was a big argument at the record company and the band of what song should be the first single. At first, 'Judas' was not even the first choice or the second choice. I had to go to bat for it and call the head of Century Media, Don Robertson, and say, ‘Don, this is the song,' and Don agreed.”

When it comes to Jericho’s workaholic schedule and his tendency to be a jack of all trades (and a master of several) Chris is still putting Fozzy first, like he’s been doing since 2010. “When you’re in a band, you go as long as people want to see you,” Chris explains. “I’m hoping with ‘Judas’ being the hit that it is and with the record coming out, that it opens a few doors for us that have been closed.”

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