The "Earth" has been sufficiently rocked, which means it's time for Clutch to start eyeing their next release. Frontman Neil Fallon revealed during an interview at the recent Toronto Riot Fest that they've got some time set aside to record their next album and they're tentatively looking at a late 2015 release.

He told Lithium Magazine in the video interview above, "We're gonna be recording a new record at the top of the year and having that come out at the end of 2015."

Fallon elaborated, "We've got this September run that's kind of anchored with these Riot Fests and a festival at the end of it in Baltimore. And then we'll take October, November and December off to finish up writing and pre-production. And then we'll do a run from Christmas to New Year's to mid-January out to Texas, where we plan to record it. And then we'll record in January and February and probably the beginning of March, take a little bit of time off, and [get] back out on the road."

Though the 'Earth Rocker' disc has received plenty of praise and has been a solid album for the band, Fallon says that a repeat of the disc is not necessarily in order, though some of the vibe might carry over. "I think if we made 'Earth Rocker 2,' it would be DOA," says the frontman. "But then again you don't want to completely abandon [it]. I mean we started writing this thing pretty quickly so it does bare a lot of similarities to 'Earth Rocker' because we're coming off the heels of that, but if we waited five years, I'm sure it'd be a different story."

As for Clutch's remaining North American dates, check here to see where they're playing.

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