Hardcore quintet Code Orange have just launched a mysterious, interactive blue-themed website, whatisreallyunderneath.com. This calls for a... code blue?

At first, the site shows the band's signature cougar logo in blue as it loads. Visitors then end up in a dark, virtual  room with blue accents, seen from the perspective of someone strapped to a table. Several muscular skinless figures and a cougar surround the table. The entire scene is set up to look like some sort of experiment.

The site has a 360 degree design, which can be navigated by clicking and dragging different points of the screen. Electronic appliances such as televisions and speakers are also seen around the room, which can be clicked. Depending on which object is clicked, users will be directed to other locations, including the band's website, short YouTube videos, a puzzle and more.

The YouTube videos feature codes in the description, and clicking on the telephone in the room actually attempts to call a phone number, so get your investigative skills ready. We're not sure what any of it means yet, but if you solve the mystery, let us know. Their last album Forever came out in 2017, so it's easy to speculate they're up to something good.

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