Just a few days after Code Orange debuted their new masked drummer, the mysterious musician has been identified by Internet sleuths. Thanks to the drummer’s tattoos, it’s now confirmed that Ethan Young from Thirty Nights of Violence is the new Code Orange member.

After years of handling both vocal and drumming duties, Jami Morgan has stepped out from behind his kit to focus on the mic. Throughout Code Orange’s record release show, which was live streamed on Twitch due to coronavirus prevention measures, the new drummer wore a clear mask while playing.

When asked about the new member’s identity by the Post Gazette, Morgan replied, “Uh, we’re not gonna say. It’s not even about who it is. The mask and the concept fits with the character in the record and with the cover art, and I like that. On top of that, we’ll see. He’s a great guy and I think he’ll continue to earn his spot, but for now he’s an empty vessel. He’s our drumming muse for now. We don’t want to be married to anyone yet. You don’t know how people are going to be ’til they are.”

Though his face was obscured, his tattoos were clearly visible, which tipped off someone at home.

The reveal mimics the story of V-Man from Slipknot, who was also identified from his tattoos.

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