Get ready for something heavy as Code Orange's Reba Meyers is the guest on this edition of Loudwire's Gear Factor, powered by Sweetwater. The guitarist sat down for a chat with The Music Experience's Squiggy and brought along her RM-600 for some serious riffing.

Meyers says she was always a fan of music and her passion for what she heard made her dive right into playing. "I loved punk and all kinds of punk music and for me, playing guitar was a way to interact with all of my friends. I love writing little Rancid-styled bass lines or stuff like that and when I got older I had some more guitar influence and I knew more what I wanted to do.”

When asked about her favorite riff, Meyers responded, “Probably the song ‘Three Knives.' Our guitar player Dom brought the original main verse riff to the table and we all just kind of fucked with it and it’ll just kind of create this kind of insane pit that’s super fun and high energy, especially for festivals and stuff like to get kids moving. We actually haven’t played it live yet, but we’re gonna be and I’m psyched.” Just as a little teaser of what's to come, Meyers laid down a bit of the riff.

Squiggy also asked for a memory regarding when she first got her RM-600, and Meyers revealed, “We were working on a new EP at the time and I think it had just came out and we came out with ‘The Hunt,’ which was a big song for us. Corey Taylor sang on it and we were psyched about it. I think if I remember correctly that was probably what I was riffing.” Get a listen to that and see more of the chat in the player below.

Code Orange revealed in January that they're working on a new album. However, there are a handful of tour dates on their schedule for 2019. See those here. And for all your gear needs, be sure to visit

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