Code Orange were born out of hardcore, and by all measurements they are undeniably heavy. In their take on hardcore and metal, they've also done due diligence to explore the many genres outside of those two, bringing influences of industrial and noise into their work. In this, their music has caught the attention of listeners outside of the bubble of metal, and in that they've dropped two remixes for alt-J's "Adeline" and "Hit Me Like That Snare."

The remixes were conducted by Code Orange guitarist and synth player Eric "Shade" Balderose, who handles all the electronic elements for the band's music proper. What resulted from Shade taking on alt-J's work has been transforming the original, pleasant sounding indie sounds of the group into weirder and more abstract sounds. The basic melodies of "Adeline" have been transformed into power electronic synth goodness, combining itself with hard-hitting percussion. While it keeps the original's beauty, "Hit Me Like That Snare" has mutated into something more akin to a Code Orange track, loud and close to the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Ministry.

Code Orange have been crushing it in the metal game as of late. Last month they dropped a new video for their noisy "The Mud," and back in August made a name for themselves as the first ever band to play WWE's NXT PPV in a live setting. Shade has also made public his album It's Almost Forever, a collection previously only able to purchase at Code Orange Forever tour dates, but now is available to buy at their merch store.

Hear Code Orange remix alt-J's "Adeline" above and "Hit Me Like That Snare" below!

Alt-J, "Hit Me Like That Snare" (Code Orange Mix)

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