Sorry it took so long to get Corey Taylor’s opinion on Linkin Park’s recent drama with fans, but we just found this video! In response to Chester Bennington’s recent comments telling fans to “move the f—k on” from Hybrid Theory, Taylor offered his thoughts, reminding Chester to be fortunate that people still love Linkin Park’s old material so passionately.

Chester Bennington got under some fans’ skin after a recent interview citing some fans claiming Linkin Park “sold out” with their new pop direction. “If you’re saying we’re doing what we’re doing for a commercial or monetary reason, trying to make success out of some formula … then stab yourself in the face … Why are we still talking about Hybrid Theory? It’s f–king years ago. It’s a great record, we love it. Like, move the f–k on. You know what I mean?”

Corey responded to Chester’s interview while calling into the Shmonty in the Morning show (listen below). “I understand where he’s at. God, I would’ve never say it the way he did, but you get frustrated and you want people to embrace the evolution,” Corey said. “At the same time, you should probably be very, very fortunate that people this far along the line still love that music you made.”

Corey continued, “For what it’s worth, it's a great fusion rock album. It’s got pop elements to it, the songs are great, so if you’re going to have a problem, it’s a good problem to have … Be fortunate for what you have, be fortunate for that fact that people are still coming to see you to hear the music. Give it a little time, you have to give it a little time. In retrospect, maybe two or three years from now you put out an album and it makes them appreciate this one more. You have to pick your spots, dude, and this is coming from the guy who’s notorious for running his mouth.”

Corey also spoke about his own problems with Slipknot fans acting out against Stone Sour’s material. “I had a couple shows where I took money out of my own pocket, put it in the dude’s hand and got him the hell out of my [Stone Sour] show. It took a long, long time to get over it. It was a long journey… well after Through Glass. Honestly, it wasn’t even until the House of Gold and Bones albums that it felt like we were really starting to get away from that kind of weirdness.” Check out the full interview with Corey in the clip below.

Meanwhile, after Bennington's comments made the news cycle, Mike Shinoda addressed the band's fans with a tweet of his own, letting it be known that all Linkin Park fans are welcome regardless of their preference. It can be read below:

Linkin Park’s One More Light album will drop May 19.

Hear Corey Taylor Talking About Chester Bennington:

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