Foo Fighters main man Dave Grohl is collaborating with an eclectic mix of rockers for a new project. First we brought you news that he was rocking out with metal veterans RATT. Now, Grohl has shared the studio with Stone Sour / Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor.

Taylor recently tweeted his excitement about it, admitting, “HUGE checks off the Bucket List today - did a song with Dave Grohl and Butch Vig. Do the words 'holy sh--' say enough about it?!?”

Although no word yet as to what the song was for, our best guess is that it’s part of a side project that Grohl has been reportedly working on. According to, the project is being referred to only as ‘TBA’ for now.

Butch Vig produced the latest Foo Fighters album, 'Wasting Light,' and has worked with Grohl since his days as a drummer for Nirvana.

Corey Taylor made a lot of headlines while out on his recent ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ spoken word/acoustic tour, answering fan submitted questions with a level of honesty that’s not always expected in the music world. He even mentioned Grohl in passing and his obvious respect for him while describing his show, saying, “Picture if Henry Rollins, George Carlin and Dave Grohl were the same person – not that I’m as cool as any of those three, but I can assume that I am.”

For more on Corey Taylor, check out our recent interview with Taylor, where he discusses everything from his tour to the future of Slipknot.

And since he's showing no signs of stopping, who do you hope Dave Grohl taps next for a collaboration?