The February school shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida horrified the country and, once again, motivated many to discuss the need for increased school safety measures. In the wake of the shootings, students have been a major voice calling for change. The producers of the nearby Fort Rock festival as well as several artists on the bill are lending their support to the movement.

Monster Energy Fort Rock festival producers Danny Wimmer Presents and AEG Presents, along with Corey Taylor, Halestorm and various other artists performing at Fort Rock are speaking out, while also taking action to bring attention to the "Students Fighting Guns Since Adults Won't" campaign.

Fort Rock's organizers are offering 50 percent off the price of general admission weekend tickets to those who sign the "Students Fighting Guns Since Adults Won't" petition, which was created by high school student Julia Kemple in Kalamazoo, Mich., and has already been signed by over 200,000 people. You can sign as well, if you wish, here.

Stone Sour's Corey Taylor stated, “I’m absolutely behind this movement. Not only the name itself, but the reason and the cause. As a father, my one concern is my children. The fact that no one is doing anything worthwhile to change the horrendous laws and circumstances around these shootings is unacceptable. So if the adults can’t extricate themselves from the politics that are keeping them from ACTUALLY making a difference, I support the generation who will."

Halestorm, as a band, issued a message adding, “To all the students that have been affected by gun violence, and to students everywhere, YOU are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Our future is what YOU make it and the path is yours to blaze. YOU are the fire! We are proud to stand by you as we push to make this planet a better place. Love, Lzzy, Arejay, Joe and Josh of Halestorm.”

Danny Hayes, CEO of Los Angeles-based Danny Wimmer Presents (DWP), co-producers of Monster Energy Fort Rock, says that he was inspired by the collective voice of the nation’s youth and in particular the “Students Fighting Guns Since Adults Won't” petition. “We should all be ashamed that our nation’s youth feels unprotected by those in charge,” says Hayes.

Hayes continues, “As a Broward County, Florida native, the Stoneman Douglas tragedy really hit home for me. We are so deeply touched and moved by the courage and fortitude of the students at Stoneman Douglas High School. They have turned trauma into strength. As a society we must act quickly to give them the protection they deserve. Like the Woodstock generation that used music festivals to amplify their voice, these kids should be an inspiration to us all. It is incumbent on those with access to the microphone to ensure that their message is heard and acted upon.”

Michael Lang, co-producer and co-creator of Woodstock and longtime DWP friend, agrees, saying, "I am so inspired by the students of Parkland and others around the country for speaking up and not allowing the same old NRA political rhetoric and lack of action to dampen their commitment. It is this kind of long-term determination and engagement that leads to real movement. It gives me great hope for the future of our country,​ to know that there is this generation of young people ready to take up the fight for positive change,​ much as my generation did in the ‘60s. ​I can only hope that with our support this movement will continue to grow and take up the reins not only on sensible gun control, but on the many issues that will affect their lives and the lives of everyone on the planet.​"

Those interested in supporting the campaign and taking advantage of the discounted ticket rate for the festival may do so by taking a screenshot of their signed petition and forwarding their confirmation email to The promotion will be available through April 1, while supplies last.

The sixth annual Monster Energy Fort Rock Festival is set for April 28 and 29 at Markham Park in Sunrise, Fla. This year's event features Ozzy Osbourne, Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, Stone Sour, Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, Stone Temple Pilots, Halestorm and many more. For details on this year's festival, head here.

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