Cradle of Filth have been conjuring dark, gothic magick for over two decades and their legacy continues with Cryptoriana: The Seductiveness of Decay. With "Heartbreak and Seance" and "You Will Know the Lion By His Claw" already painting a vivid picture of what to expect from the forthcoming studio album, it's become even clearer with the release of the new single "Achingly Beautiful."

The song is another labyrinthine ride through seven minutes of atmosphere-shifting blackened art. "Achingly Beautiful" showcases Dani Filth's novel-length lyrics, delivered at a rapid pace through his signature high pitched shrieks, set against a backdrop of galloping rhythms, medieval-sounding organ work, wicked melodies (with one bringing to mind Children of Bodom's "Towards Dead End"), theatric gothic elements and tremolo-picked, blast-fed extremes.

Commenting on the Cryptoriana track, Filth explained, "Influenced by the stories of E.F Benson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, H. Rider Haggard, Oscar Wilde, Arthur Machen and Algernon Blackwood to shame but a few, this song concerns itself with a spectral guest at a great masked ball who, (deeply embedded in his cruel libertine nature, attends merely for merciless, seductive sport), but instead discovers the woman of his dreams and both bewitching the other, finds in her his dark, immortal equal."
"I love this song as it has a very old skool Cradle vibe for me, both lyrically and musically, and reeking hideously of the vampiric, the dropdown section in the middle is pure 'A Gothic Romance,'" the frontman added.

Cryptoriana: The Seductiveness of Decay will be unleashed on Sept. 22 through Nuclear Blast. To pre-order your copy of the new album from Cradle of Filth, head to the label's webshop.

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