Gothic black metal extremists Cradle of Filth are coming off Hammer of the Witches, one of the most lauded records of their two decade-plus career. They've set Cryptoriana: The Seductiveness of Decay as the title of their 12th studio effort and have just offered up the first single off the forthcoming record with a music video for the cinematic "Heartbreak and Seance."

The track has all the Cradle of Filth hallmarks like Dani Filth's tea kettle wail and haunting synth work. There's an overlying sense of bouncing melody on "Heartbreak and Seance" with brighter guitar leads than diehards might expect from the group. Latin choir chants help to pad the regal atmosphere as snow falls on the group in the video, alternating shots of the band with a bleeding vampiress-like character overseeing, as the title indicates, a seance.

“This album represents an onwards and upwards drive for the band, building on the success of Hammer of the Witches and pushing further with the venomous musicology to create something that is both unique and loyal to our previous incarnations. We mutate, breed and run totally amok with this album. Plus we covered 'Alison Hell' by Annihilator, a thrash metal classic that has been on our proverbial lips for centuries," commented Dani Filth on the record on the whole.

Cryptoriana will be released on Sept. 22 through Nuclear Blast. Pre-orders are available now at the label's webstore and any digital reservation will come with an instant gratification download of "Heartbreak and Seance."

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