Cradle of Filth are quite renowned for their merchandise, more specifically, that one terribly offensive shirt (you know which shirt we're talking about). But now their wares extend beyond outlandish screen prints and into the world of tea and custom soap.

We'll say that again — Cradle of Filth officially have a line of tea and have endorsed an Etsy shop that makes custom soap bars in the likeness of various corpse paint designs flaunted by iconic black metal musicians, Dani Filth included.

What's even better is that the collaborative effort with Pitch Black North on the pair of band-branded tea is that they really embraced their cheeky side — the "Dark Blood" and "Sweetest Maleficia" options are billed under "Cruel Tea Brought Thee Orchids," a play on Cradle of Filth's 1998 Cruelty & The Beast track, "Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids."

"If anything this weird space of time known as ‘lockdown' has taught us, is that literally everything can be mollified with a really good cup of tea," said Cradle of Filth on Facebook. "And having been provided with some fine tasting Satanic TEAs for the recording of the latest Cradle of Filth album (already on the boil and ready to pour later this year) from production company Pitch Black North, an idea was TEAsed into our collective skulls that a collaboration should be afoot," they continued.

"And thus it was.⁣ Two TEAs. ⁣One for the uplift, one for the wind-down," the statement read on, noting, "Both based on Cradle Of Filth songs, these expertly crafted beverages are not only bursting with maleficent flavour, but they also swim abrim with genuine witchcraft, having been brewed under all the right stars.⁣"

Keeping their foot on the gas concerning puns, the band wrapped up, "So, put the heavy kettle on, put some Heavy Metal on and start conversing with your inner TEAmons. Pitch Black North presents Dark Blood and Sweetest Maleficia.⁣ Steeped in Filth.⁣"

Now, about that soap... it comes courtesy of Etsy seller CorpsePaintSoaps, who has also recreated the likenesses of other corpse painted musicians such as Abbath, King Diamond (early Mercyful Fate era), Mayhem's Dead and Euronymous, Carach Angren's Seregor and former Gorgoroth bassist King Ov Hell.

Check out all the soap options here and view the Dani Filth version further down the page. It's even scented with Parma Violet fragrance oil at the specific request of Filth himself.

Cradle of Filth 'Dark Blood' + 'Sweetest Maleficia' Teas

Pitch Black North

Cradle of Filth, Dani Filth Soap Bar

Etsy: CorpsePaintSoaps

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