In addition to being Escape the Fate‘s lead singer, Craig Mabbitt is a diehard viewer of ‘The Walking Dead.’ For Season 4 of the hit AMC show, Mabbitt has signed on to write an exclusive recap of each episode for Loudwire. Check out his rundown of Episode 13 below:

So this week I started off slightly confused and was like, "Oh s--t, how long has Bob been separated from Maggie and Sasha!?" But quickly we discover that the opening scene is a flashback to how he came to the group. He was discovered by Glenn and Darryl and got asked the groups main 3 questions: How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?

So fast forward back to the present and we see that Bob, Sasha and Maggie are all still walking together in search if Glenn, until they stumble upon a Terminus sign. Now, Maggie knows Glenn would have headed there if he had seen it, but Sasha is kinda over this whole "look for anyone" thing and wants to just, drop stop and open up shop. So during the night, Maggie bails out on her own. She cuts walkers open as she follows the tracks and writes "Glenn go to Terminus, Maggie" in the zombie blood.

As soon as Bob wakes up and sees that she's gone, he packs up and tells Sasha, "We can still catch up to her!" But Sasha (although she follows) still needs convincing. They walk along the tracks until Sasha spots a building and insists to live on the top floor. (WTF is she thinking?) and she decides to not follow Bob on his quest to catch up to Maggie, even after she and Bob kiss. Uh oh, I wonder if Sasha's older brother Tyreese is gonna like that.

So Sasha almost immediately starts to cry as she enters the building, most likely because she quickly realized how dumb of a decision being alone was, and she peers out the window to see none other then Maggie, not before she leans on and knocks down an entire window which startles Maggie AND all the walkers within her vicinity.

Sasha runs down and they stand back to back to fight them off (I also forgot to mention they all 3 did this in the beginning of the episode in a deep fog -- it was pretty gnar gnar!). So after Sasha stabs a few in the face with a big stick and Maggie decapitates some with a f---in' street sign, Sasha admits she's scared and Maggie reminds her of the faith she has that others survived, so they head off to find Bob. They then have a quick happy little reunion and continue to follow the tracks.

We also see Beth and Daryl this week. Darryl is teaching Beth how to shoot his crossbow.
After Beth injures her ankle on what looked like a small trap of sorts, they walk into a clearing and see a house, Beth still is in trying to convince Daryl that he's a sweetheart  and not a hardass as he gives her a "serious piggy back" to the house. (Side note that they have to walk through a small graveyard to get to the house and she sees a headstone that reads "Beloved Father" and naturally thinks of her own deceased dad, Hershel. Daryl put flowers on top and they press on.

At this house, they notice bodies in coffins and on tables that are clearly walkers but have had someone putting makeup on them to sort of restore the humanity of them? Beth thinks it's beautiful, but I think it's weird. They discover food in the kitchen that doesn't have a speck if dust on it and instead of leaving, Daryl decides that they can wait till whoever was staying there returned and they could make it work, and he and Beth have some more awkward staring into each other's souls moments.

Not until the makeshift alarm of hubcaps they made goes off, and walkers completely invade the home. I don't know how he did it, but Darryl escaped while telling Beth to run outside. Daryl makes it out and sees some of Beth's things on the ground and then a random car skids away as Daryl runs after it yelling Beth! Beth! Beth!

He runs all night until he finally collapses on the road where he attempts to take a breather.
We then see legs come into frame and a group of what I think is the same people from the house Rick was trying to sleep in come up to Daryl. As the "leader" bends down, Daryl swings at him knocking him to the ground and aims his crossbow at him. Now he is surrounded by this guy's group and the "leader" talks to him until they both introduce themselves and now that's it, no idea what's gonna happen here but it makes me really nervous.

If that wasn't enough for this episode it ends with a small scene of Glenn discovering a terminus sign!! Now there's only 3 episodes left this season!!

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