In addition to being Escape the Fate‘s lead singer, Craig Mabbitt is a diehard viewer of ‘The Walking Dead.’ For Season 4 of the hit AMC show, Mabbitt has signed on to write an exclusive recap of each episode for Loudwire. Check out his rundown of Episode 8 below:

Well, here we are at the mid-season finale and everything I thought was gonna happen the last time the Governor invaded the prison, did....

This episode is up there with Daryl killing Merle and Rick losing his wife, as far as tear-jerk factor. We pretty much open right where we left off on the last episode: The Governor captures Michonne and Hershel and is once again being a master manipulator with his new "group" that he has made his minions. He gives some bulls--t speech and the group agrees to accompany him to the prison, which he promises he will take "peacefully." Luckily though, the Governor's new lady friend is not as oblivious to his evil ways as Andrea was. She stays behind with her daughter.

We move back to the prison where Rick is filling Daryl in on what Carol had done, and even though Daryl is obviously pissed off, his respect for Rick and his understanding of the situation was awesome yet surprising, as I expected him to be WAY more upset. They both go to find out what Tyreese is gonna say once they tell him. Right before Rick can blurt it out...BOOM! A gigantic crash shakes the prison and all who are able rush outside to see what the commotion is It's the Governor standing on top of a f---ing tank. He yells towards Rick "to come down we will talk!" Rick let's him know he is no longer the main man, but has banded with his group and created a counsel. The Governor has Michonne and Hershel pulled out onto their knees and this forces Rick to comply.

Now THIS is where shit hits the fan. Rick ends up giving his most powerful speech as a "leader" and as soon as you realize Rick has completely figured it out and has become he who should be, the camera pans to Hershel, who smiles, as if a father would of a son at how proud he was at Rick's words ... As soon as he smiled though, as touching as the seen was, I knew his end was next. The Governor lifts up Michonne's sword and slices Hershel's neck ... f------ck :/

Now, obviously Rick shoots at the Governor, but what pisses me off is the fact that all these people (minus that douchebag in the tank) just heard Rick's speech, heard him offer shelter to ALL of them. They had previously agreed to do it all peacefully and they just saw the Governor chop an old innocent man's head off, yet they ALL open fire. What pissed me off further is they just roll through the gate and start blowing up the prison. Isn't this what you wanted for safety!? What is wrong with these people!? I wanted them all to die! The Governor amidst the gunfire grabs hershel, who is injured and crawling away, and brutally severs his head from the rest of his body, which just added to my hatred for his.

Following this, the Governor's new "daughter," who was seen being bitten by a walker in an earlier scene, is brought to him dead and he shoots her head off, with no care. And now the two groups are in an all-out war. Rick hides behind a knocked over truck in the field and waits for the Governor to walk by ... tackles him ... and they start beating the shit out of each other.

Now through the chaos, a few things happen: Maggie gets a weakened Glenn to a bus full of the other older, younger, sicker survivors and leaves to find her sister Beth, who went to grab Judith. The bus, I'm guessing in fear of what was occurring, leaves ... leaves everyone else behind. Now we have Tyreese. He gets cornered and is saved by the little girls who Carol was training to protect themselves, and they bail in a different direction. Daryl blows up the tank with a grenade and heads off somewhere. Bob, Maggie and Tyreese's sister I'm guessing bail somewhere and we see Rick being nearly choked to death by the Governor, until he is stabbed through his back by Michonne.

Now ... this next part kind of upset me, considering the fact at how emotional some of the killings in the show have been. The Governor gets stabbed and is lying there, still alive and Michonne walks away and so does Rick.....what!??? Pound his f---ing skull into the dirt, chop off his man parts and leave him to be devoured by walkers.......but leave him there.....c'mon, he just chopped hershel's head off for Christ's sake.

Anyway, the camera follows Rick as he screams for Carl, who he finds and then they find Judith's carseat....bloody and empty. I couldn't believe that this had happened, and honestly, i still have a little hope she was picked up by either Maggie or someone else. Rick runs off into the woods with Carl, and we see the g=Governor's new lady friend walk up to him and apparently shoot him in the head, but we didn't see it......., now all this does is two things: 1) it makes me think the Governor might actually survive...again; or 2) AMC just killed off the biggest threat to the group in the most non non non non non non climactic or epic way, buuullllsh-----t.

After this episode, I have literally no idea where the last half of this season is gonna go, but guess we will find out. Thank you 'Walking Dead' for keeping me on the edge of my seat with episodes like this and proving that NO ONE is safe. Except Daryl....seriously, don't kill Daryl, don't pull a 'Family Guy.'

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