In addition to being Escape the Fate's lead singer, Craig Mabbitt is a diehard viewer of ‘The Walking Dead.’ For Season 4 of the hit AMC show, Mabbitt has signed on to write an exclusive recap of each episode for Loudwire. Check out his rundown of Episode 9 below:

Finally the wait is over and 'The Walking Dead' is back in our lives! Wheeeewww!!! After the mid-season finale where we sadly had to say goodbye to Hershel, I was sooo freakin nervous about where everyone was ending up. Now, I knew they were gonna focus on a few characters at a time, so I expected not to see much of Darryl but that didn't keep me from still being bummed about it.

We come back to see Michonne going back to her old ways and making two new zombie pets. She then finds Hershel's head and with a heavy heart destroys zombie Hershel. Now this is the point where she kind of loses her s--t a bit and can't cope with all the loss she has had to suffer through (her lover, Andrea, and now everyone!?). The thing I was confused and frankly pretty upset about was the fact that she's walking around a bunch of walkers and they don't try to engage her......uh? Does having two walker pets make you invisible? Didn't they have to cover themselves in Season 1 with guts? And even a little rain made the zombies aware of your presence? I don't get it ... whatever, she pretty much super samurai-ed all the walkers around her and proves that she (other than Darryl) is the most capable of surviving on her own.

But this act of pure walker annihilation makes her decide to follow a trail that she had seen in the mud and noticed it was Rick and Carl. So in between all of this Michonne action we see Rick trailing behind a bitter upset piece of s--t Carl who is apparently pissed off about Rick not having super powers. I don't know, he didn't wanna slow down for his pops who just got shot in the leg and he, like many young resentful boys especially in an apocalypse situation doesn't wanna be treated as a kid anymore! He is asked to wait outside a biker cafe and bickers about, "I can do it, hell I should do it without you, you can't even walk wah wah wah."

They find a few supplies and a walker trapped by a mountain of chairs, Rick lures it out slams a mini axe in it's head and struggles a bit so Carl the almighty shoots the walker which just further pisses Rick off. They leave and find a home that's good enough to stay in for the night, and Rick passes the f--k out. I mean passed out so much that I thought he died.....what a sh--ty way to kill off a super main character ya know!? (BTW, I like the scene of Carl upstairs in what was a young boy's room, he smiles and you can see he's just a kid and can't be just a kid in this world, His facial expression changes and he rips the cord from the TV to tie the front door shut.) Anyway morning comes, Rick's in a coma, Carl yells at him and says he doesn't need him anymore and hears a noise outside, who could that be knockin at the door!? Oh yea, zombies!! He leads them away from the house gets cocky and almost gets himself killed, and pukes.

He kills about four walkers total and then walks away all high and mighty and decides to search a house on his own. He goes to the door and tries to break it down and falls flat on his ass, this had me and TJ out of breathe with laughter -- haha. Anyway he checks the house goes upstairs and comes upon another walker who again nearly kills him and gets his shoe, he then sits on the roof eating a jug of what I thought was dog s--t but later we discover it was just chocolate pudding.

He goes back to his dad who is still laying in a mini coma and he tries to wake up, but sounds like a walker and for a moment I thought Carl was gonna shoot him and I was gonna flip, but we finally see just how strong of a deep bond they have as father and son. Despite the differences they have, Carl can't do it even if his dad was a walker, he can't kill him. Thankfully, Rick was still just weak and we forward to the morning where they are sitting on the couch together and Rick tells him he's a man, a big important part of any boy's life. All Carl wanted was acceptance.

As they are strengthening the bond between them, we see Michonne enter the neighborhood, she peers through the window and tears of joy show on her face. A knock on the door and Rick looks out and laughs and says, 'Carl, it's for you,' and the screen goes black. I'm thinkin' it's Michonne with his shoe -- haha.

So now that they have found each other, hopefully they can start searching for the others. I can't wait to find out what happens next week!!! And with everyone separated and looking for each other, who's gonna stumble upon Carol!? Hopefully not Tyreese before Darryl!!!!

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