Fans were shocked by a public video statement posted by Creed singer Scott Stapp earlier this week in which he revealed that he was "completely penniless" and living in his truck on and off for the past few weeks. Now, two more video statements have been posted by Stapp.

Yesterday, two new clips were briefly posted on Creed's Facebook page, but were taken down. However, a couple of YouTube users were able to grab and post the videos.

In one (watch above), Stapp appears in front of the Boca Raton Police Department on Thanksgiving Day, detailing his financial struggles and wondering where his millions of dollars went.

In another (watch below), Stapp appears in his truck where he continues about his troubles and directly addresses his children.

As reported earlier, Stapp's wife Jaclyn recently filed for divorce, alleging that Scott engaged in excessive drug use and sent her bizarre texts. Stapp apparently was also placed on 72-hour psych hold a few weeks ago. Click the red button below for all the latest stories on Scott Stapp.

Scott Stapp Public Video Statement #3