Creed frontman Scott Stapp made an emotional journey in March to Japan to check out the destruction and aftermath of last year's tsunami. He let the cameras roll and the result is a new documentary short titled 'After the Rain.'

The 13-minute film was produced and edited by Alexander Harris, who joined the singer and his family while visiting the destruction and helping to raise spirits of the victims, their families and the U.S. military troops serving in the area.

Stapp says, "I think initially the seed was planted for us to come here because we had friends and family who were here in Japan, here in Tokyo, and were directly affected and lived through the terror of the tsunami and the earthquake. We wanted to help not only our friends and family, but as the events began to unfold and we began to learn how the people were affected, how lives were lost, homes, entire cities, children were dead, children who lost their parents, it was something where we really felt compelled to take action and become a part of."

In the film, the singer visits a temporary housing facility in Tohoku, Japan where he teams with musician and fellow volunteer Celia Dunkelman in performing and speaking with those left in transition by the horrors of the natural disaster. During the performance, Stapp breaks out the guitar for an acoustic rendition of 'Higher,' and encourages crowd participation while covering the Doors' 'Roadhouse Blues.'

Other stops along the way include one of the major sites of destruction in Ishinomaki, where over 3,000 of the city's 164,000 lost their lives. Stapp's wife Jaclyn also visited a local school to read one of her children's books for the youngsters who were learning English. The trip concluded with a trip aboard the USS George Washington Naval Base, where Stapp was able to thank the soldiers for their service and to perform for the military men and women. A little bit of his stripped back take on Creed's 'My Sacrifice' is included in the film.

Watch Scott Stapp Visit Japan in Documentary 'After the Rain'