Daughtry are preparing to release their new album ‘Break the Spell’ on Nov. 21 and the band have just premiered their new video for ‘Crawling Back to You.’

With a simple performance concept, the video definitely makes the song the star. The creativity is sparked by some inventive camera angles but the song remains the focus throughout which is exactly what the band set out to do according to frontman Chris Daughtry, who said, “We wanted it to be a performance video not necessarily based on any narrative or story.”

‘Crawling Back to You’ sees Daughtry digging a little deeper into their pop sensibilities and crafting a song around their signature big hooks and catchy choruses. The message is loud and clear but for anyone unsure of what the song is about, Chris summed it up in a few words, “Your significant other is in the right, and just like she said it would happen, you come crawling back.”

As far as making videos go, Daughtry consider it serious business! Chris weighed in on his philosophy behind making videos,“Whenever I do a video I have a hard time faking it. I always lose my voice at the end of a video shoot because I give it all every single take.”  He continued to say, “I feel like if I don’t its going to come across that way on screen.”

'Crawling Back to You' is being marketed as the  'pop' song of the two singles that have been released from the upcoming 'Break the Spell.' Read our review of the 'rock' single 'Renegade' here.

Watch the Daughtry 'Crawling Back to You' Video