Hey Dave Grohl, stop being so darn cool! You are making us feel lame, ordinary and dull. In all honesty, it's awesome that you help make the lives of your cancer stricken fans better and chug beer after getting food poisoning, but you are really starting to make us feel inadequate. Thanks, The World.

In his latest cool move, Grohl spotted a young fan during one of his shows in England this week and not only dedicated a song the youngster, but called him and his parents up onstage to let the 8-year-old sing “Times Like These” with the Foo Fighters. Watch the interaction above.

Here's how it went down: “I just saw this little kid singing our lyrics over there,” Grohl tells the fans in Manchester. “How old are you? You’re 8 years old and you know Foo Fighters lyrics? I like you. This song goes out to you." Then moments later the frontman says, "What’s that? You want him to come onstage? Come on motherf--ker.” And after the boy starts walking up onstage, Grohl says, “You better bring your Dad with you. Oh yeah, bring your mama. I’m not taking care of you, that’s for goddamn sure.”

And before you go thinking Grohl is only this cool because he is now a big-name rock star, check out this fan letter a then 14-year-old “David Grohl” wrote to Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat and Fugazi. MacKaye recently dug up the letter and Foo Fighters posted a photo of it on their Twitter account (see below). The visible portion below starts out with “Good Thrash” and then Grohl asks for some “numbers or people” that he could get in contact with, we assume to help him further his music career. He even gives his childhood phone number and times when he can be reached at that number. It’s a pretty priceless and badass note.

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