This isn’t the first time we’ve written about an emotional man onstage at a Foo Fighters concert. Last month, an crying Denver man who had just buried his mother got to perform “Hero” with Dave Grohl and the rest of the band. Over the weekend there was another emotional man onstage with the band: frontman Dave Grohl. While performing in Chicago at Wrigley Field, the singer got a bit sentimental while recalling his history with the city both as a member of the Foo Fighters and as Nirvana.

“Let me tell you something, tonight is much more than just a Foo Fighters [concert]," the Grohl said. "Don’t get me all choked up, because I will f--king go there if you want me to. No, no, no, no, no, no, I don’t want to be the crying guy on YouTube tomorrow morning! But I will say, I’ve been coming to this city for a long f--king time.” While it's unclear as to whether he actually shed a tear, Grohl did end up on YouTube and we've cued up the video above.

The singer went on, “Some people got to see the Foo Fighters at the Metro, a long time ago. Some people got to see Nirvana at the Aragon Ballroom, you probably saw that sh-t. How many people saw Nirvana at the Metro?” He went on to say that Chicago was the city that inspired him to play rock 'n’ roll.

Later in the show, he delivered this inspirational phrase to those in attendance: “Kids, stay in school, don’t do drugs, because you’ll end up f--king headlining Wrigley.”

Foo Fighters are heading overseas this week. They play in the U.K. on Sept. 5 through Sept. 8 before coming back to North America on Sept. 11. They'll remain in North America until the middle of October before they head to Europe.

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