Dave Lombardo has been a busy man ever since his ousting from Slayer in late 2013. The legendary drummer has jammed with Golden State Pops, put on drum clinics and even joined veteran hardcore punk / metal act Amen for an upcoming album and tour. One also shouldn't forget about Lombardo's other project Philm, as the drummer has shared breaking news about his band's next release.

Philm released their debut full-length, 'Harmonic,' in 2012. Lombardo has been talking about a sophomore effort for a good while now, but finally we've got a big chunk of progress to report, including a timeline as to when fans can expect the album. In a June 17 post on Philm's Facebook page, Lombardo posted a detailed update on where he is with Philm's upcoming EP.

Dave Lombardo posted this message on his Facebook page:


"Philm's first album, 'Harmonic', was a musical expression unlike any other album I've worked on," Lombardo recently told Cyclic Defrost. "Blending structured songs and improvisations was the direction I intended to take the band. Philm's ability to improvise and create music unlike the typical sounds that have emerged within the past 20 years is refreshing to me as an artist and drummer. As the producer of the band, I suggested for this album that we leave out the improvisations and focus on structured, concise movements."

Stay tuned for future updates on Philm and Dave Lombardo's other projects.

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