Death Angel's first record came out nearly 30 years ago and the band is still thrashing with as much vigor and youthfulness as they did in their teenage years. With their eighth studio album, The Evil Divide, arriving May 27 through Nuclear Blast, the Bay Area legends have unleashed a music video for the new track "Hatred United / United Hate."

Deceitfully opening with a dreary, clean-toned picked melody drenched in echo and reverb, the drums begin to pound away, accented by rhythmic chugs. Death Angel quickly tear into a breakneck pace with a thrashing, hammer-on led lead that stands among the band's best. Singer Mark Osegueda's lyrics are pointed and topical as he delivers each line with conviction and unbridled charisma, raising the intensity as "Hatred United / United Hate" goes on.

The music video, directed by Tommy Jones for Videohammer Studios, sticks to black and white, cutting between clips of each member playing in the studio and shots of tattoo and album artist Bob Tyrrell drawing the moth on The Evil Divide's cover. Key words make scattered appearances in the video with text laid over the footage, emphasizing Osegueda's points. One of the highlights is watching the solo battle, the first laid down by Sepultura's Andreas Kisser and the second full of whammy bar mastery.

Pre-orders for The Evil Divide can be placed through Amazon, Google, or iTunes. Fans who place their orders will receive instant gratification tracks with a digital download of "The Moth," "Cause for Alarm" and "Hatred United / United Hate."

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