Dee Snider has been sharing insight on a proposed new AC/DC album over the last year, and in a new interview with ABC News Radio, he reveals the album "has been recorded," but like many things in this year of Covid-19, it "has been delayed."

The longtime Twisted Sister singer adds, "I haven't heard anything, but ... it's AC/DC, man. You can't go wrong! ... Four chords and a dream, baby! That's it!"

In 2019,  Snider spoke of the four surviving members of AC/DC's classic Back in Black lineup reuniting to do an album that included some late AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young "presence." He says in his latest interview, "This is gonna be a miracle of technology. What will be achieved, the reuniting of the band that we know for one more album, is gonna to be uplifting and heartbreaking at the same time. Because nothing goes on forever. But this is the ultimate 'one more time.'"

Back in February, Snider told Eddie Trunk on his Trunk Nation show, "Brian [Johnson] confirmed it. They've been in the studio; they've been recording. The original — I don't say the 'original' guys, because a lot of them are gone, but I say the 'classic' lineup is back together and there are some surprises, which I can't talk about, regarding Malcolm Young that just had my jaw on the floor. I will say he will be present. So this is AC/DC as we know and love them."

Snider has expressed his love for AC/DC in a variety of ways. Earlier this year, he was pushing a petition to have AC/DC perform at the Super Bowl halftime show. He's also been performing AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" while touring with his solo band. "AC/DC is a huge influence on me," Snider told ABC News Radio. "The band influenced my songwriting. Bon Scott, the original singer, influenced my vocal style. And I've always felt that 'Highway to Hell' was the international heavy metal anthem."

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