Deftones have accomplished quite a bit since forming in the late '80s while some of the members were still in high school. The band has seen some ups, some downs, but they've survived and thrived and are still one of the top bands in the business. But how would you rank their albums?

The band's musical vibe has evolved over the years, going from more abrasive and sludgy to incorporating more new wave and atmospheric sounds, honing in on a loud-quiet dynamic that Deftones seem to do as well as any band in the hard rock and metal scene. Helping to develop this sound is the mix of the new wave-influenced vocalist Chino Moreno and hard rock-inspired guitarist Stephen Carpenter. Add in the often underrated drummer Abe Cunningham, turntable master and keyboardist Frank Delgado and a very prominent bass sound first provided by the late Chi Cheng and later continued with Sergio Vega, and the band has crafted a very distinctive sound.

So join us as we rank the band's full-length studio albums from weakest to strongest in the gallery below.

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