Update: The entire song 'Prayers/Triangles' can now be heard in the player above. Chino Moreno says of tune, "I feel like it’s just one of those songs that’s very 'Deftones-esque,' where that dynamic is there as far as that ebb and flow and that dynamic of just those, parts that go at your throat. But you know, it also has a soothing quality to it as well, and that dichotomy is what makes us who were are in a way. It’s sort of our DNA. So I feel like it’s a good representation of where we’re at right now and where we’ve been in the past as well"

Deftones continue to roll out the teasers, making sure that fans are reaching a fevered pitch as the band gets ready to release their next album. The latest sampling is for a song called "Prayers / Triangles" and you can hear a near minute-long teaser of the track in the player above. The song teaser is also featured when you visit the band's website.

This marks the second teaser the band has released for the new album. The first was up for just a few hours for fans to embrace before the band took it down. But the one thing that both video teasers have in common is the usage of flying pink flamingos for a visual.

The flamingos have been frequently used in teasing the band's Gore album via the band's Instagram account, leading many to speculate that the visual will be used for the album art for the upcoming disc. Check out a posting below.

During a recent appearance at NAMM, guitarist Stephen Carpenter hinted that the band was eyeing an April 8 street date for their Gore album, but an official announcement has yet to be made.

The band has a number of dates booked in March, starting with a March 5 headlining appearance at the MUSINK Festival in Santa Ana, Calif. There are also a number of other dates on the horizon for the band, which can be viewed by visiting their website.

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