Deftones fans recently had reason to get excited, as the band debuted a pair of new tracks in Los Angeles in anticipation of their forthcoming record. However, singer Chino Moreno says that people shouldn't necessarily look to 'Rosemary' and 'Roller Derby' for clues as to how the rest of the record will sound.

The singer tells QMI Agency, "I don't think those two songs are the ones that best represent our record. They're two different songs, one is a lot more ambient than the other, the other is a lot more aggressive. But they're cool, they balance each other out."

Moreno says one of the reasons the songs have made their debut already is because they sounded great live before the band even recorded them. He adds, "When we wrote the record, we pretty much wrote it live."

Deftones are making one of the quicker turnarounds of their career as their still-untitled follow-up to 2010's 'Diamond Eyes' disc is expected in October, and Moreno says it's due to a more streamlined style of working.

He explains, "Internally over the years we've figured out better ways of making records. We sort of just dragged them out for so long. We implemented a new regiment to our work ethic. We wrote it all from scratch, we don't write on tour or anything like that. We were ready to go in there (the studio) and see how it feels in the daytime and get to work."

The vocalist says that now more than ever, there's less second-guessing and more going with what feels right at the time. "We can make a record and not spend years making it and just enjoy doing it," Moreno says. "We came off that tour feeling really good and when we wanted to make this record everyone was in the right head space so it worked out really well."

Deftones are playing the Heavy MTL and Heavy T.O. festivals this weekend and will take part in Slipknot's Knotfest next weekend, with more extensive tour plans to follow in late fall.