Nita Strauss took a break from playing with Alice Cooper this summer to tour with Demi Lovato, who just released her rock-infused album Holy Fvck in August. The pop star openly praised Strauss' guitar skills in a new interview with Variety, and said that she's been able to rebuild her own guitar-playing as a result.

“I knew I wanted to bring in a band for the Holy Fvck Tour that is not just very skilled at live instruments, but also know how to have a good time onstage, and are performers in their own right," Lovato stated.

”Nita fit that description and more — we have so much fun rocking out in rehearsals and on stage. My band also happens to be all-female, which is empowering to me," the vocalist continued. "Working alongside Nita has helped me rebuild my skills on the guitar and she’s definitely someone who I learn from each day. I admire Nita for being such a bad-ass rock guitarist in a male-dominated field.”

Strauss announced her departure from Cooper's band in early July, and made her first live appearance with Lovato a few days later on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. She's since gone into more detail about her intentions, noting that her split with Cooper isn't necessarily permanent, and the shock-rocker was extremely supportive of her decision. She just wanted to do something different for a little while, and is open to what the future holds.

“Who wouldn’t want to play with one of the biggest pop stars in the world who wants to bring this style of music — this hard music that we love — to a massive mainstream audience,” Strauss told Variety of working with Lovato. “What a no-brainer of an idea.”

Lovato's U.S. leg of the Holy Fvck tour kicks off Sept. 22 in Wheatland, Calif.. Get tickets through this link.

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