Organizers for the Riot Fest in Colorado have run into a bump in the road for this year's festival. According to the Denver Post, Arapahoe County official announced that they would not grant a temporary-use permit for the event to happen in Byers, Colo.

In her letter of denial, Arapahoe County Zoning Administrator Tammy King cited that Byers had "a general sense of being overrun with traffic and people" during the 2013 edition of the festival. She added that the county was also not confident that emergency response providers would be able to serve town residents and festival attendees given the large crowds and added traffic. Riot Fest organizers still have a 10-day period in which they can appeal the Arapahoe County decision if they choose to.

But before fans had a chance to get worried about a cancellation, Riot Fest's organizers revealed that the show will go on, but in a different location. In their online posting, officials stated that the event would take place in a nearby location that will be announced early next week and that all tickets will be honored.

The full post can be read below:

Due to circumstances beyond our control and despite lots of support for Riot Fest & Sideshow in Byers, May Farms is no longer available to host Riot Fest. A nearby alternate location will be announced early next week. We know this sucks, we're as disappointed as you are, but if you could be a little patient with us, we'll have more information ASAP. All tickets will be honored at the new location. Riot Fest in Denver is NOT cancelled, the show will go on, and rock n roll never dies.

The Denver area Riot fest includes such acts as The Cure, Weezer, Wu-Tang Clan, Slayer, Social Distortion, A Day to Remember and Rise Against, among others. The event was scheduled from Sept. 19-21. It's not known as of yet whether the change in location will affect the scheduled weekend.