Dethklok are the world's most brutal cartoon metal band. When you're making skull-crushing cuts like them, your mascot needs to be a true destroyer. In Dethklok's case, they succeeded with the fiendish character Facebones.

An animated version of the Dethklok logo, Facebones sports a twisted jaw and some juicy brains. You can find Facebones throughout the Metalocalypse cartoon, sometimes being projected above Dethklok onstage to provide behind-the-scenes info. As Metalocalypse progresses, you can also find Facebones becoming darker and more evil.

Hold out your mugs, because Ziltoid the Omniscient wants to pour you the world's greatest cup of coffee. When it comes to alien invasions, probes, cattle mutilation and crop circles come to mind, but Devin Townsend's otherworldly creation has his own motives for inhabiting planet earth.

Townsend released his Ziltoid the Omniscient album in 2007, and since, Ziltoid has found a place in the hearts of Townsend's fans. A second Ziltoid album was in high demand from followers for many years. Thankfully, Townsend finally gifted us with Z2 in late 2014.

Facebones or Ziltoid? Cast your vote in the poll below!

Voting for Round 1 ends on Monday, Mar. 23 at 8AM ET. Fans can vote once per hour, so keep coming back to make sure that your favorite metal mascot wins!

Devil Horn Region, Round 1

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