It's going to be a busy year for Danny Worsnop, who ended 2016 playing shows with Asking Alexandria and teased that a new solo album was coming as well as his plans on doing more music with We Are Harlot. Worsnop returning to Asking Alexandria was big news, with the singer making nice with guitarist Ben Bruce after his tumultuous exit from the band and even hitting the studio. Worsnop recently posted a new song clip on his Instagram which sounds like it might be from Asking Alexandria.

Last fall, Worsnop and Bruce had reportedly hit a studio together with producer Matt Good and in November, drummer James Cassells expressed his desire in an interview to get back in the recording studio with Worsnop. “It’s time to look for the next chapter, the next step," said Cassells to Loudwire Nights affiliate KFMX in Lubbock, Texas. 

“Before this tour, I’d only spoken to Danny once very briefly [and] some of the [other] guys [in the band] hadn’t spoken to him at all.” He went on to explain that the group needed to ensure they all still enjoy touring together, offering, “But we’ve just hit the halfway mark on the tour, and it’s been amazing — it’s probably been one of my favorite tours, I think, I’ve ever [done] in my career and we’re having a great time,” added Cassells. "So now [that we know] we can obviously perform together better than ever, the shows are doing great, now it’s, like, ‘Let’s get some music written.'”

Cassells hinted, “We are gonna lock ourselves away. It might take a minute, which I think that’s good. Danny’s a busy guy — he’s got a lot of projects on at the moment. We’ve been touring pretty much constantly for a while now. Having a little bit of time to lock ourselves away, get creative, get back in that flow. So, yeah, the next year, though, is gonna be a busy year for us — not so much in the forefront, like playing shows etc., but for us as musicians, we’re gonna be in the studio, we’re gonna be in the practice space, we’re gonna working. There’s gonna be a lot of work going on, man."

Now, Worsnop has posted video that does not feel very much in the style of his country-leaning solo set and sounds a little harder than We Are Harlot. Take a listen below:

As for Worsnop's solo album, The Long Road Home is due Feb. 17 and includes the newly-released video for "Don't Overdrink It."

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