Fear Factory's most recent album, Genexus, was released in 2015, but legal matters between former and current band members have kept any further plans on hold in recent years. During a chat with Saturday Night Lockdown (see below), guitarist Dino Cazares addressed the state of Fear Factory, while also revealing what's been keeping him busy during self isolation.

"At the moment, the last three years, unfortunately, Fear Factory has been plagued with lawsuits, so it has been preventing the band from doing anything for the last three years," confirmed the guitarist, who stated that things currently stand in a position where he can't say whether or not the band will ever return. However, he remains hopeful. "I'm gonna be very positive and I hope in the near future that things will change," says Cazares.

One sign of that hope is that Fear Factory are among the projects he's been writing for of late. "Me being quarantined, I've been really lucky, 'cause my engineer lives next door, so I was able to go over there and write a lot of music," said Cazares, adding, "I've been writing for everything — for Asesino, for Divine Heresy and for possible Fear Factory. So I've been writing and getting ready, getting prepared, so I'll be ready and prepared and have stuff already written."

The news of an Asesino record should please longtime fans, as the band hasn't issued a new album since 2007. "Now that I've got this time, I go over there and we're almost done with the record. So pretty soon you'll be seeing some new stuff from Asesino," reveals Cazares.

As for Fear Factory, there had been discussion of a new record tentatively titled Monolith dating back to a 2018 interview with singer Burton C. Bell, but as stated, legal issues have held up any progress. Last fall, Cazares refuted that a new record was coming.

Dino Cazares Joins Saturday Night Lockdown

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