Experimental metal / spirituals act Zeal & Ardor just released a brand new track “Don’t You Dare” via Noisey.

If you were digging through metal’s underground last year, you may have stumbled into Zeal & Ardor’s Devil is Fine album. Experimental to say the least, Zeal & Ardor started as a one-man project from Manuel Gagneux. The musician approached Zeal with a bizarre question: “What if the American slaves were preached Satanism instead of Christianity? What would their spirituals sound like?” After expanding that idea in multiple directions on Devil is Fine, to critical praise, we’ve got the first new Zeal & Ardor song not included on the 2016 album.

"The idea of something so horrible that merely looking at it will end you is fascinating to me,” Gagneux tells Noisey. “’Don't You Dare' thematically plays with biblical demons as well as Lovecraftian elements that lend themselves well to this idea. Since I wrote it after getting the band together, it's not on the album, but will be performed on the upcoming tour. I hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoy playing it."

Now functioning as a full group, Zeal & Ardor debuted “Don’t You Dare” via live performance on French channel Couleur 3. This is some of the most original music you’ll hear in 2017, so if you’re into experimental crossover projects, check it out in the clip above!

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