Drowning Pool debuted their single "By the Blood" with Loudwire late last year and they're once again teaming up with us to premiere the video for the track.

As you can see in the video above, it's primarily a performance video with a few conceptual shots centering on a little girl and her bloody surroundings. The video is presented in black and white, with blood red being the only color added to the spectrum. But the performance is front and center of this video and it's a hard hitting version of Drowning Pool that we get.

We recently had a chance to speak with guitarist CJ Pierce about "By the Blood," and he told us, "That one, musically to me it’s definitely the closest we’ve had to 'Bodies' since then. It wasn’t intentional. We’ll never try and write a 'Bodies' Part II or anything, but just one of those riffs to me -- it’s very solid, solid foundation of Drowning Pool, if you will. I think it’s the core sound of this band and it went through a few changes during the demo process, but we kept coming back to it. We wanted it to have something about it that was definitely going to work."

He went on to add, "I think the changes we had were just lyrically with the direction we wanted to go in. That song is kind of an underdog song. It expresses our career. Every time you get up there someone is trying to beat you down. So we’re just going to keep plugging and beating away at it and at some point, people will remember your name. You just have to stick with it and stick to your guns. That’s another song that was fun for me, man. I got to blast a lead up in it. For this record man, I got to get slashy and throw off the chops a little bit. I’ve always said I wouldn’t say hold back, but I write for the song and our previous singers were more hard rock and now we’re going down the metal path. That just allowed for that style of playing, the Slash-y leads, which I love. Hope everybody else enjoys it as well, man."

"By the Blood" is featured on Drowning Pool's Hellelujah album, which is currently available via Amazon and iTunes. Be sure to catch the band on tour playing the song. Their current dates can be found here.

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