Dying Fetus are here to stir things up with their latest video, "Panic Amongst the Herd." The chaotic clip comes from the mind of director, animator and editor Mount Emult, as we are bombarded with imagery just a feverishly-paced as the song that soundtracks it.

"Panic Amongst the Herd" is viewed as the second single off the band's forthcoming new album, Wrong One to F--k With, which is due June 23 via Relapse Records. As for the track itself, it moves through several styles and time signatures, starting off with the listener being put through the paces over a repetitive sludgy sounding vibe. But just when you've settle into the groove, off to the races we go with a chaotic pit-stirring jamming frenzy.

As for the clip, it's equally chaotic with Mount Emult providing imagery at a rapid pace, with bizarre looking insects, skulls and a variety of creatures entering the scene over crumpled photos and magazine imagery. The look definitely mirrors the sound.

As stated, "Panic Amongst the Herd" is featured on the Wrong One to F--k With album. The set is available via Relapse Records on CD, as a double-disc vinyl and digitally. Check here to get your pre-orders in. And look for Dying Fetus playing shows in support of the album at these locations.

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