Emigrate, the band led by Rammstein's Richard Kruspe, released one of the best rock albums of 2014. The disc, Silent So Long, features a number of guest vocalists, including alt-rocker Peaches and Korn frontman Jonathan Davis.

We already brought you a segment of Kruspe and his bandmate Arnaud Giroux talking about working with Lemmy Kilmister and Marilyn Manson (watch below). In this new portion of the interview (watch above), Kruspe and Giroux discuss Emigrate's collaborations with Peaches and Jonathan Davis.

Of the song "Get Down" featuring Peaches, Kruspe says, "When you're a rock musician ... you always get invited to strip clubs. I always bored because I [wasn't] drinking, but the one thing [I thought of was] I need to write a song for a strip club. And that was the inspiration for this song."

As for the track "Silent So Long" featuring Jonathan Davis, Kruspe says, "We go back to the Family Values [tour], but I couldn't speak English [at the time] so there was not so much conversation going on between us." He goes onto describe how Davis came to contribute vocals to the song.

Check out the interview above to get the full story on both collaborations, and be sure to pick up Emigrate's stellar album Silent So Long at iTunes.

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