Entheos have generated a formidable amount of buzz in the underground, preparing the release of their debut album, The Infinite Nothing, due out April 1 on Artery Recordings. The fan hype comes as no surprise considering the pedigree of the lineup, consisting of bass prodigy Evan Brewer (ex-the Faceless, ex-Animosity), Navene Koperweis on drums (ex-Animals As Leaders, ex-Animosty), Malcolm Pugh on guitar (Inferi, A Loathing Requiem, Diskreet) and frontwoman Chaney Crabb (Systems). Now, the band has unleashed the lyric video for title track "The Infinite Nothing" exclusively with Loudwire.

Wasting no time, the song punches the pedal to the floor with Crabb entering the song almost immediately with her versatile guttural growls and shrieking highs. "The Infinite Nothing" has a mechanical feel to it as the band plays with lockstep precision, turning the gears of their technical death metal machine as it steamrolls forward.

Dominated by an uptempo groove and Brewer's clanky bass tone tastefully popping up in and out of the mix at times, giving a playful balance to the Entheos sound. The use of spacey electronic elements help to set the band apart from some of their contemporaries, used sparingly to further the aural dynamics. When the intensity dies down and the song seems to have ended, gentle keyboards wash over the background as clean-picked guitar lines drenched in reverb send the track off into, well... "The Infinite Nothing!"

Speaking about how the band came together, Koperweis states, “All of us have gotten some great opportunities, but they didn’t necessarily pan out to be perfect. It was natural for me to call Evan. It just made sense. The amount of effort we collectively put into this makes it close to the perfect situation. This is the band none of us ever got to be in. All of us are on the same page, and we’re really tight personally. That inspires us to work all the time.”

Adding where the group found their name, the drummer goes on, “The name is an old Greek word meaning full of inspiration. Now and during the start of the band, everyone has been really inspired. That’s what this project is centered around — working hard and not overthinking things. We’ve found this inspiration. Because of that, we’re doing what we have to do, which is make music.”

Pre-orders for The Infinite Nothing can be placed here with varying bundle packages available as well. Digital pre-orders can be placed at iTunes.

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